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    Faculty and Staff

    Our departmental photograph is being updated and will appear here shortly.

    Full-time Faculty
    Timothy French
    Kyle A. Grice
    Lihua Jin, Chair
    Caitlin E. Karver

    Gregory B. Kharas
    John J. Kozak, University Professor

    Justin J. Maresh
    Richard F. Niedziela, Associate Dean for Instruction
    Ruben D. Parra, Director of TLA
    Quinetta D. Shelby, Director of Graduate Studies
    Cathrine A. Southern

    Paul A. Vadola
    Wendy S. Wolbach

    Adjunct Faculty
    Michael G. Rosenbaum
    Richard Schraufnagel

    Wayne Whipple


    Laboratory Managers

    Matthew Zuziak
    Zach Wahrenberg

    Department Assistant
    Nicole L. Hack

    Student Worker Office Assistants
    Taylor Boyd
    Camryn Wagner

    Emeritus Faculty
    Jurgis A. Anysas
    Sara J. Melford
    Edwin F. Meyer
    Thomas J. Murphy
    William R. Pasterczyk
    Franklin S. Prout


    Chemistry Department Committees and Liaisons:

    Asssessment / Advising / Curriculum / Development / Facilities / General Chemistry / Graduate / Personnel / Policies

    Computer Support / Library Liaison / College of Education Liaison / OAAS Liaison

    Department of Chemistry